parrhesia - a journal of critical philosophy

Introduction: Spinoza's Provocation

Dimitris Vardoulakis and Daniela Voss




'Something of it remains': Thought, Individuation and the Eternity of the Mind

Jon Rubin

Guyau's Spinoza: Between Epicureanism and Stoicism

Federico Testa

Spinoza: A Synthesis of Epicureanism and Stoicism

Jean-Marie Guyau, translated by Federico Testa

Freedom as Overcoming the Fear of Death: Epicureanism in the Subtitle of Spinoza's Theological Political Treatise

Dimitris Vardoulakis

A System of Freedom and Joy - Herder on the Traces of Spinoza: The two editions of God, Some Conversations and their relation to the Ethics

Eva Schürmann, translated by Kirk Turner

Rational and Affective Genesis of Sociability: Balibar's Reading of Spinoza

Daniela Voss

Humility, Acquiescentia and Subordination: A Spinozist Response to Jean Hampton's Feminist Kantianism

Janice Richardson

Spinoza's Compendium of the Grammar of the Hebrew Language

Inja Stracenski

The Mother of All Prejudices: Teleology and Normativity in Spinoza

Filippo Del Lucchese

Spinoza's Theory of Thought

Thomas Kisser, translated by Kirk Turner

Becoming Concrete: Spinoza's Third Kind of Knowlege

Katrin Wille, translated by Kirk Turner

Individual Identity in Spinoza

François Zourabichvili, translated by Gil Morejón

Natural Right and the Failure to Calculate: The Paradox of the Slave in Spinoza's Tractatus-Theologico Politicus

Michael-Francis Polios




Authoritarian and Minoritarian Thought: François Laruelle, A Biography of Ordinary Man

Thomas Sutherland