parrhesia - a journal of critical philosophy



Thoughts on the Unthinkable

Lee Braver


The Irreducible

Kevin Hart


Hannah Arendt and Self-Forgiveness: In Search of a Magic Spell

Marguerite La Caze


Derrida and the Philosophical History of Wonder

Genevieve Lloyd


Legacies of German Idealism: From the Great War to the Analytic/Continental Divide

Andreas Vrahimis


Time, Causality and Character in Descartes' Meditations
Michael Campbell


Deleuze's Secret Dualism? Competing Accounts of the Relationship between the Virtual and the Actual
Dale Clisby

Imagine! Sartre with Ryle
Max Deutscher


Hermeneutic Truth as Dialogic Disclosure: A Gadamerian Response to the Tugendhat Critique
Paul Healy

Alterity and the Materinal in Adoptee Phenomenology
Jane Lymer


Styling against Absolute Knowledge in Derrida's Glas
Jessica Marian

"The Critical Activity" of Vulnerability
Steve Sinn


Being-in-the-world, Temporality and Autopoiesis
Marilyn Stendera


Human-in-the-last-instance? The Concept of "Man" between Foucault and Laruelle
Thomas Sutherland and Elliot Patsoura

Bataille and the Erotics of the Real
Tim Themi

Language and Meaning in the Ethics. Or, Why Bother With Spinoza's Latin?
Chris Van Rompaey