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ARNE DE BOEVER teaches American Studies in the School of Critical Studies at the California Institute of the Arts, where he also directs the MA Aesthetics and Politics program. He is the author of States of Exception in the Contemporary Novel (2012) and Narrative Care (2013) and editor of Gilbert Simondon: Being and Technology (2012) and The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism: Vol. 1 (2013). He edits Parrhesia: A Journal of Critical Philosophy and the critical theory/philosophy section of the Los Angeles Review of Books. He is also a member of the boundary 2 collective and an Advisory Editor for the Oxford Literary Review


JASON E. SMITH's writing and research are largely concerned with contemporary art and aesthetics, modern continental philosophy (Spinoza, Hegel, 20th century), and post-1968 political thought (primarily French and Italian). He has published in ArtforumCritical InquiryParrhesiaRadical PhilosophySouth Atlantic Quarterly and Theory & Event, among other places. With Jean-Luc Nancy and Philip Armstrong, he has published Politique et au-delà (Galilée, 2010). He recently edited and contributed to a special issue of Grey Room devoted to the films of Guy Debord, and is currently working on a monograph on the same subject. He was a Cornell Society for the Humanities Fellow in 2013-14. He is currently Associate Chair of the Graduate Art MFA program at Art Center College of Design.

JESSICA WHYTE is Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Social Analysis at the University of Western Sydney, Australia. She is the author of Catastrophe and Redemption: The Political Thought of Giorgio Agamben (SUNY Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy, 2013). Her research interests include theories of sovereignty and biopolitics, critical legal theory, critiques of human rights and contemporary continental philosophy, particularly Agamben and Foucault, and Marx and Marxist theory. Her work has been published in a range of fora including the journals Law and Critique; Humanity: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism and Development; and Theory & Event. She is currently working on two projects: a book on the historical and conceptual affinities between the politics of human rights and neoliberalism in the late twentieth century; and an Australian Research Council Fellowship project “Inventing Collateral Damage: The Changing Moral Economy of War”, which seeks to understand the historical and institutional processes through which Western publics have come to accept that there is a crucial moral distinction between deliberate harm inflicted on non-combatants, and the non-intentional harm that is seen an inevitable ‘side effect’ of modern warfare.


ASHLEY WOODWARD is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Dundee, and a founding member of The Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy. He is the author of Understanding Nietzscheanism (Acumen, 2011), Nihilism in Postmodernity: Lyotard, Baudrillard, Vattimo (The Davies Group, 2010), editor of Interpreting Nietzsche (Continuum 2011) and co-editor of Sensorium: Aesthetics, Art, Life (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007) and The Continuum Companion to Existentialism (Continuum, 2011). His research focuses on value theory and philosophy of art in contemporary continental philosophy. His website can be found here.



CLARA CHRISTOPHER, Parrhesia's Editorial Assistant, is a recent philosophy graduate from McGill University. She is a section editor for McGill University’s undergraduate philosophy journal, Fragments, and an associate editor for University of Toronto’s undergraduate philosophy journal, Noesis. Currently, she is enrolled in a Publishing Certificate programme in Toronto, and completing an independent research project on Heidegger & Truth.





Max Deutscher
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Macquarie University


Alexander García Düttmann
Professor of Philosophy and Visual Culture at Goldsmiths, University of London


Robert Eaglestone
Professor, Royal Holloway, University of London


Russell Grigg
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Psychoanalytic Studies, Deakin University


Marguerite La Caze
Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Queensland


Sylvère Lotringer

Professor Emeritus of French Literature and Philosophy, Columbia University


Jeff Malpas

Professor of Philosophy, University of Tasmania


Brian Massumi

Professor, Department of Communication Sciences, University of Montréal


Paul Patton

Professor of Philosophy, University of New South Wales


John Rajchman

Adjunct Professor, Columbia University


Alison Ross

Senior Lecturer in Critical Theory, Monash University


Robert Sinnerbrink

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Macquarie University


Daniel W. Smith
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Purdue University


Rudi Visker

B.O.F. professor for philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, KULeuven, Belgium


James Williams
Professor of Philosophy, University of Dundee