parrhesia - a journal of critical philosophy




Jean-Luc Nancy, translated by Matthew Ellison


We Bergsonians: The Kyoto Manifesto

Elie During and Paul-Antoine Miquel, translated by Barry Dainton




Rancière's Poetics of Knowledge

Martin Grünfeld

Neuroaesthetics and Critique

Francis Russell

Politics that Does Not Command: Reconsidering Rancière's Opposition between Politics and Policing

Devin Zane Shaw

The Use of Ears: Agamben Overhearing Derrida Overhearing Heidegger

Naomi Waltham-Smith

The Univocity of Substance and the Formal Distinction of Attributes: The Role of Duns Scotus in Deleuze's Reading of Spinoza

Nathan Widder

'Fore Me, This Fellow Speaks! Rancière and Plebian Equality

Oded Zipory



Martin Hägglund, This Life: Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom

Martin Rayburn