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Established in 2006, PARRHESIA: A JOURNAL OF CRITICAL PHILOSOPHY is dedicated to publishing the latest work on continental philosophy, along with new translations and interviews with contemporary thinkers.

All pieces published in the ESSAY and REVIEW ESSAY sections of PARRHESIA are double blind peer-reviewed. The Editorial Board of PARRHESIA does not necessarily condone the views held by its authors outside of what is published in its pages.

PARRHESIA is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License, found here; a readable summary can be found here. It broadly states that the copyright for the pieces published in PARRHESIA remain with the author, while first publication rights belong to the journal. The contents of PARRHESIA are free for any and all to use in educational and non-commercial settings as long as their source is properly attributed.

PARRHESIA is a part of the Open Humanities Press, an international open access publishing collective whose mission is to make leading works of contemporary critical thought freely available worldwide.

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The ongoing publication of the journal is supported by the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy, and Philosophy at the University of Dundee.

Editorial board

ARNE DE BOEVER teaches American Studies in the School of Critical Studies and the MA Aesthetics and Politics program at the California Institute of the Arts (USA). He is the author of States of Exception in the Contemporary Novel (Continuum, 2012), Narrative Care (Bloomsbury, 2013), Plastic Sovereignties (Edinburgh, 2016), Finance Fictions (Fordham, 2018) and Against Aesthetic Exceptionalism (Minnesota, 2019). He is also the co-editor of Gilbert Simondon: Being and Technology (Edinburgh, 2012) and The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism: Vol. 1 (Archive, 2013), and the editor of Bernard Stiegler: Amateur Philosophy (Duke University Press, 2017). In addition to being an editor for Parrhesia, he edits the critical theory/philosophy section of the Los Angeles Review of Books and is a member of the boundary 2 collective. His most recent book is François Jullien’s Unexceptional Thought (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020).

ASHLEY WOODWARD is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Dundee, and a founding member of The Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy. He is the author of Understanding Nietzscheanism (Acumen, 2011), Nihilism in Postmodernity: Lyotard, Baudrillard, Vattimo (The Davies Group, 2010), editor of Interpreting Nietzsche (Continuum 2011) and co-editor of Sensorium: Aesthetics, Art, Life (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007) and The Continuum Companion to Existentialism (Continuum, 2011). His research focuses on value theory and philosophy of art in contemporary continental philosophy. His website can be found here.

SEAN McMORROW teaches at the University of Melbourne. He is author of The Power to Assume Form: Cornelius Castoriadis and Regimes of Historicity (Lexington Books, 2023) and co-edited Marcel Gauchet and the Crisis of Democratic Politics (Routledge, 2022).

JUSTIN CLEMENS is an Associate Professor in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne. He has published extensively on psychoanalysis, contemporary European philosophy, poetry, and contemporary Australian art and literature.

JOE HUGHES is a Senior Lecturer in English and Theatre Studies at the University of Melbourne. He has written widely on post-war French thought and the history of the novel.

JESSICA MARIAN is a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne. Her research focuses on the institutional and intellectual history of post-war French philosophy. She is a co-convenor of the Critical Research Association Melbourne.

LUCY BENJAMIN is a postdoctoral research fellow in architectural philosophy at the Melbourne School of Design. She has a PhD in comparative literature from the University of London. Her current research explores practices and conditions of repair broadly construed and she has previously written on feminist ethics and Hannah Arendt.

AMY MAY STUART is an artist and an editorial assistant for the publisher Discipline and Parrhesia journal. She completed her Master of Fine Art (Research) and currently teaches in the School of Fine Art and Design at Monash University.

Advisory board

Justin Clemens
Associate Professor in English and Theatre Studies, University of Melbourne

Max Deutscher
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Macquarie University

Alexander García Düttmann
Professor of Philosophy and Visual Culture at Goldsmiths, University of London

Robert Eaglestone
Professor, Royal Holloway, University of London

Russell Grigg
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Psychoanalytic Studies, Deakin University

Joe Hughes
Senior Lecturer in English and Theatre Studies, University of Melbourne

Marguerite La Caze
Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Queensland

Sylvère Lotringer
Professor Emeritus of French Literature and Philosophy, Columbia University

Jeff Malpas
Professor of Philosophy, University of Tasmania

Brian Massumi
Professor, Department of Communication Sciences, University of Montréal

Paul Patton
Professor of Philosophy, University of New South Wales

John Rajchman
Adjunct Professor, Columbia University

Alison Ross
Senior Lecturer in Critical Theory, Monash University

Robert Sinnerbrink
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Macquarie University

Daniel W. Smith
Professor of Philosophy, Purdue University

Rudi Visker
B.O.F. professor for philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, KULeuven, Belgium

James Williams
Honorary Professor, Deakin University

Website and production

Camryn Rothenbury
Website developer/administrator, typesetter



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